yoCard is an application for storing all your discount and bonus cards in your smartphone.
It’s all simple: add a card to yoCard and show the screen when paying in the shop.

There are plenty of plastic loyalty cards

55% of Ukrainian consumers say that they participate in one or more loyalty programs. Of these, more than half (68%)
report having a loyalty card.*

Mobile applications from different sellers

It is very uncomfortable and disadvantageous for consumers to install many applications from different sellers. That is why they prefer to use one service which solves their tasks as comfortable and fast as possible.

Queues at cash desks

On average, consumers in grocery stores spend up to 10 minutes in queues at cash desks.

Compelled communication with stuff

12.7% of the most solvent consumers are interested in purchasing opportunities, which eliminates or minimizes communication with staff.


yoCard new possibilities

yoCard mobile app provides users with new possibilities:
to digitize their plastic loyalty cards;
to see the current bonus points balance;
to issue new cards;
to create merchandise checks and to pay for one-click purchases
using the yoCard Pay mobile payment system
at any store, pharmacy, gas station etc

Advantages for consumers:

  1. Virtual cards instead of plastic ones.
  2. Possibility to get loyalty card in app.
  3. Ability to control by yourself the process of purchasing from the beginning to the very end.
  4. Simple and clear visualization of bonuses balance, shopping stories and special offers.
  5. News and promotions by all sellers in one app.
  6. Fast cancellation of any purchase without the involvement of sales staff.

Top benefits for sellers:

  1. It is convenient for consumers.
  2. There is no need to develop your own app.
  3. Low-cost implementation of customers self-service.
  4. Increasing of shops bandwidth.
  5. New customers involvement via intersection of audiences from different sellers in one app.
  6. Fast launch of advertising campaigns via push messages.
  7. Personnel work optimization.
  8. Getting feedback from consumers (NPS).
  9. Simple integration with yoCard.
  10. Communication with consumers who do not need to install seller’s mobile app.