More info: TRData

TRDATA is a market data communication platform reinventing the way traders get information

TRDATA is financial technology company with offices in London, Moscow and Kiev. Founded in 2009 by an investment banker, TRDATA’s goal is to provide financial institutions and market professionals with high-quality, real-time and customizable products for the front, middle and back office.

TRDATA consists of two business activities – TRDATA Limited which provides marketing services on behalf of third party clients; and TRDATA Technology, a joint venture with Coinindex Ltd. which operates the TRDATA market data platform and provides trading and aggregation software solutions to financial institution clients.

View OTC quotes from regional banks that cannot be found on any other major platform

Communicate directly with other traders through our chats or via phone and email

Conduct OTC trades

View analytics aggregated in one place

View historical prices, graphics, etc.

Share your analytics with a target audience

Get greater access to regional players. Some of our clients don’t have Bloomberg or Reuters, but they still actively trade on the market.