StreetKast helps talents and those who seek for talents connect with each other. Whether you’re a stock photographer looking for a fresh new model, a veteran filmmaker looking for a professional actor, or anything in between – our app can help you.

– Create an account
Use your cell phone number, create a password.
– Choose application
StreetKaster who’s looking for talents or a Talent.
– Fill your profile
Upload your photo. This is mandatory in order to show up in the database.
– Create a project (as StreetKaster)
Add description, synopsis, dates, etc. – anything that is relevant and important to know for the talents. Create casting calls by adding characters, preferences and a script for audition.
– Browse casting calls (as Talent)
Apply for the roles using the camera on your phone, reading the script off the screen, while staying at the comfort and privacy of your home.
– Create!
Communicate, invite or get invited. Save weeks of searching, you already know that you got a 90% match!

Traditional casting is usually based on talent databases filled with not-too-often updated photos or videos and rely on casting manager’s opinions and relationships with each talent. Resulting in weeks and weeks of exhausting searches and auditions, often going through same talents on every new project.
It’s as frustrating to the talents, who spend hundreds of hours in lines on numerous auditions with no result. Besides, there are quite a few undiscovered “gems” who for some reason miss auditions, casting databases and other “industry-standard” opportunities.

By creating StreetKast we want to help both the creators and talents connect with each other directly, using only their phone and an app.