More details: Plerdy

Plerdy is a SaaS solution for your website and/or online store conversion rate increase. The product consists of tools for collecting and processing data, complete analysis and analytics. Relying on the information you get, you wi ll be able to make important desicions for improving your website and/or online store. Monitor users’ actions by means of a heatmap. Be one step ahead with Plerdy.


You develop your online store or website

Actively work with online marketing channels

Your online store or site already has some indicators of traffic


Plerdy service is a perfect tool for implementing your business goals.

Our specialists are certified Google Analytics and Google AdWords experts who have been working in online marketing for many years. Based on our previous experience we understood that people needed tools that would help them to quickly improve a website and increase conversion rates. So on June 5, 2017, we jointly started the story of the creation and development of Plerdy. Since that moment, we have launched 3 products – Plerdy Website Heatmap, SEO notifications and Smart Pop-up Form Builder – and visited 10 conferences and exhibitions, including: WebSummit (Lisbon, 2017); eCommerce Berlin (Berlin, 2017) eCommerce (Kyiv, 2017, 2018); iForum (Kyiv, 2018); 8P (Odessa, 2018); SMM Forum (Lviv, 2018); IT Arena (Lviv, 2018); SaaS Nation (Kyiv, 2018); West iForum Marketing (Lutsk, 2018) In addition, we share our experience during seminars and webinars. in total, we took part in over 15 different events as participants, speakers, or organizers: But it’s just the beginning as we constantly communicate with our customers and partners to get interesting observations and recommendations for the further development of our service. Today, the Plerdy team exactly knows what is necessary to increase conversion rates on websites and online stores.