More details: Periodix

Periodix allows to create a dashboard for tracking sites for jobs and gigs search that saves your time and increases your sales. You will get a dashboard for tracking any of: Elance, Upwork, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, 99designs etc. Either you spend your time during a day to check dozens pages on elance, upwork, craigslist ect., or you can save much time with periodix dashboard and find a lot of new jobs you missed before.

It’s a perfect for IT-developers, writers, copywriters, designers, movie-makers, proofreaders – for freelancers looking for work online.

How it works.
Periodix allows to take any part of any jobs search service and place it to your cloud dashboard. This part is stored without loss of its functionality and is updated synch with the original one.
You can filter the jobs on the grounds of necessary criteria and then copy these threads to Periodix where you can track some listings simultaneously. So, as soon as a new order is placed and it meets the requirements, you can react instantly.