More info:

Showcase mockups in realistic device frames
Enable your clients and team to visualise app mockups in the real environment. You may upload designs for mobile devices or wearables.
Long mockups are converted into scrollable screens.

Add interactivity for a real-life experience

Turn static mockups into interactive prototypes in minutes. Link hotspots and screens to demonstrate your audience a real-life user interactions. You can set variable transitions to fit the style of any presentation.

Share your mockups with team and clients
Feel free to invite any number of team members: designers, developers, customers, stakeholders.
There is no need to sign up to get an access to mockups.

Simplify teamwork and feedback processes
Share mockups with your colleagues and clients. Invite them to leave comments directly on the mockups. Seamless collaboration with the team and stakeholders will ensure the level of continuity, and optimise communication process.

Save your time with clear project structure
Group mockups into subfolders.
Create folders for certain groups of app mockups. Use adjustable tags to keep all the files statuses updated.
This makes your life much easier when working with big projects.

Impress your clients with vivid custom animations
It is surprisingly easy to breathe life into prototypes. Just use GIF animation to demonstrate unusual interactions
and custom UI animations.

Choose the most striking app icon
Appreciate unique opportunity to upload several app icons to test them all in a real life context. Choose the best appropriate one that looks great on the device and its environment. Available for iOs devices, Apple Watch, Android phones and tablets.

Run UI tests on native device
Once you’ve finalized the prototype run UI tests on real devices. Evaluate interactions, features and the overall user experience in native iOS application or Android application.

Add visibility to your project progress
New Board view allows to investigate your project progress easily. All the mockup are arranged in a clear Kanban style table according to their statuses. You need no time to make sure that project progress is not impeded.

Run Screenflow to see interactive links diagram
When you’re done with setting interactive links, use screenflow feature to find screens that are still not connected, view user flow and look for places where you can make better conversions to your goals.