More info: HappyGrumpy

HappyGrumpy is a new way of conducting polls. It is accurate, rapid and free. You can design and execute sophisticated polls in seconds, then start sampling and tracking public views.

If you need to poll or monitor public opini on, you should start using HappyGrumpy now.

You can monitor public reaction by the hour, day, week or month.

You simply enter your poll subjects, (e.g. person, topic, corporation, product, brand, issue, geography etc.), click go and your poll will execute, save and track statistics over time. You can even download the data or share using social media.

You can do this instantly, (Account Analyzer, Brand Analyzer) just enter your account, subject, issue or brand and see the results in seconds or set up a continuous poll (My Social Polls) which will track your poll day by day.