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Personalized/adaptive learning platform and applications.

Explain provides personalized learning for end-users and cloud-based platforms for educational course creation.

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Expl ain is an educational platform that simulates the so-called Socratic dialogue – a process of asking specific questions in order to find out areas the student is weak in and to improve his/her knowledge by learning from mistakes.
Every educational topic/course available on Explain will be presented by a set of questions. Each question will have a detailed explanation of why the particular answer is correct and where the user should pay attention to in order not to make similar mistakes in the future.
Explain will determine the level of user’s knowledge and will pick up every question in an adaptive manner, taking into account the history of the user’s previous answers.
The product will be available as a web platform with mobile applications. Offline availability on mobile devices (Android, iOS) will be offered as well.