More info: Alternote

Alternote is a beautiful note-taking OS X app for Evernote. It uses Evernote syncing capabilities and gives you a nice and convenient place to craft your texts, essays or blog posts. It has beautiful interface which does not distract you from the text, fast search and a dark theme for night owls.

Evernote alternative — Alternote can be considered as an alternative Evernote client. It uses Evernote’s backend. This means that you don’t have to migrate your data and you can continue to use Evernote clippers, mobile apps and dozens of integrations. So if you seek for Evernote alternatives or Evernote replacement due to its complicated interface, just consider switching to Alternote.

OneNote alternative — Microsoft has put a lot of effort into Mac OS version of OneNote, but there’s still a lot of clutter in the app, that might distract you from your notes. That’s why one can look for an OneNote replacement. Alternote is simple and intuitive note-taking Mac app. It stores your data at Evernote service, which makes it available on all of your devices.

Springpad alternative — Springpad was an amazing note-taking service available on web, iOS and Android. Unfortunately, it shut down, so you might be looking for Springpad alternatives. Alternote is the best choice available if you’re a Mac user. Download a free trial and try it yourself!