More details: 2Event

2Event is a website and free mobile app for event organizers and visitors.

Key features combined in one app, such as:

List of upcoming events and tickets.
Visitors networking.
Travel companions and roommates.
Our mission
We created the app to help visitors start communication with each other.

The main idea of any event is to gather people: at the disco or at the dentists congress or at IT-conference. Visitors are able to get in touch using the app at any phase of the event: before it starts during the event and after it.

Please, check up on the list of attendees before the event to find travel companions to the train, plane, car and roommates to book hotel together (these important features are for those who are coming from other city, there are normally 20-50% of such attendees).
Assign meetings to each other during event and became acquainted using 2Event’s chat for the projector (twitter wall ?).
Look for travel companions in the app after the event to team up and travel by taxi or to share car. 2Event.com gives you not only fast and affordable option to get from one city or country to another, but also a chance to meet with colleagues and associates.
The company was founded in 2013 in Lviv by investor and entrepreneur Yaroslav Maksymovych.

“The idea of the app that gives you ability to organize meetings and find travel companions came up when I was invited to jury in HappyFarm. Let me remind you, they are located in the village Shchastlyve, near Boryspol. So, I took a train from Lviv and then had to travel by taxi to Shchastlyve, once I entered the room – I saw my colleague sitting at a table. He is also from Lviv, alsо arrived that morning by train, and than by a taxi. At that very moment I understood we could travel together as we have a lot of things to talk about. By the way, I met another three startups there they also came with different night trains from Lviv and met only there. So that way I realised that travel companions should be clustered around the events. Or on the contrary – every event already brings together people who wants to meet associates. All you need to do is to give people a tool that will put them together. 2Event app became such tool”.

Using 2Event.com you will be able to:

  • buy tickets for events and transport
  • discover who’s attending to the event
  • make an appointments with visitors of the event
  • find travel companions for the train, plane, car or roommates before booking the hotel
  • call taxi for a group of people
  • post on the Twitterwall