#ItCastle 6: pick up your team

IT Castle started a new year with a motivational talk about gathering your startup team. Project’s coach Tetiana Smetaniuk offered to discuss the following:

  • Distribute roles and responsibilities, prepare requirements for applicants
  • A good guy is not always a good team-member or how to detect an expert
  • The art of negotiations: how to launch the business and avoid hate for your partners?

Club members trained their team management skills with interactive exercises.

Firstly they discussed the process of gathering startup teams and challenges of it. Secondly, the key features of hiring employees were defined. The main thing you have to remember when picking up a team is that finances are not the main motivation for most people. You should work with ideas to keep your team together. Thirdly, requirements for employees were discussed. The conclusion is obvious: creative idea is a strong background for building a strong successful team.