#itcastle 5: Startups success stories

The 5th ItCastle community meeting took place in ItCastle co-working space on the 18th of December. Club’s members found out experience of successful world and Ukrainian startups. 

10 success stories were introduced to present ones in the first part of the meeting. Every mentioned business was launched as classic startups, but now they are estimated with tens and hundreds millions of dollars. Club’s members learned about ThousandEyes, Handy, Zenefits, AdRoll, The Honest Company, NJOY, Pure Storage, Airbnb and Uber.

ItCastle’s coach Tetiana Smetaniuk offered participants of the meeting to feel themselves as investors and choose the project to invest considering just a short description without its name. Every mentioned project was referred to a famous one that trends in its sphere. Angry Birds and Netflix became the most popular business with the biggest amount of voices from “investors”.

Communication continued with the talk about Ukrainian startups. Successful companies were mentioned: 

Grammarly – browser-integrated or PC installed service that corrects grammar and spelling, offers better vocabulary selection and optimizes your correspondence styles. 

GitLab – opensource-platform for development that allows a group of developers to coordinate their work while working on the same project.

People.ai – marketing service that analyzes managers’ work and gives advice basing on data from phones and PCs of marketing team members.

Preply – service that searches for online foreign language tutors.

Restream – multi-streaming service that allows user to stream video-content on up to 30 platforms as YouTube, Facebook and others at once.

Petcube – one of the most famous Ukrainian Startups that invented gadgets for pet owners. It is a cube that is operated with mobile application and lets you watch your pet when you’re away, talk to it and play laser games. 

Members also tried them in a role of startup teamleads at the end of meetup. They considered problems that could challenge them in their success with startup and offered the means to cope with them. As participants mentioned, experience of the others inspired them to try doing something that implements their dreams.