#itcastle 4: marketing, idea relevance and communications

Project’s team discussed relations of startup and wide market at “It Castle 4: msrketing, idea relevance and communications” meetup on December, 11.

It was a club meeting, where members introduced their sales experience and told about work with different types of target audience. Taking those into account, they concluded that even perfect marketing strategy’s fail is possible if dynamic market has an unexpected reaction for your product.

Anna Sira, manager of IT Casle, revealed details about development of communication strategies for projects, ideas and brands. This document has 3 blocks:

– basic info, where you mention everything: from idea to resources that your team has/ would like to have

– external communication, that serves for involving clients, selling products and have a positive project’s image

– internal communication, that leads to your team’s success

Tetiana Smetaniuk, IT Castle’s coach, mentionad that clear understanding of your target audience lets to defone strategy of communication with it and as a result have seccess in sales on this market.

She prepared an unusual task that could help to train sales skills. Participants of the meetup had to sell a rosemary bush without any information about its advantages. It was a big challenge for club’s members, but they succeeded.

Conclusion of meetup is that marketing is a critical part of any project and talent of selling plays an important role in project’s launch.