#itcastle 3: making out the idea

The third IT Castle’s meetup took place on November, 27 in youth space LoveKa in Kamyanets-Podilskyi. The meeting brought together club’s members and new supperters of the idea of union for startup development.

Theme of the meeting was “Working with projects: making out the idea”.

Tetiana Smetaniuk, It Castle’s coach, and Anna Sira, communication consultant, together with meetup’s participants discussed some messages about ideas:

✔ the way to catch the idea
✔ methods for startup idea generation
✔ brevity is the soul of wit: let’s formulate an idea, a goal and mission

✔ planning tactic and strategy
✔ take off your pink glasses: let’s be frank about own resourses and needs.

Club’s members were active in generating new business-ideas, discussing startups and their definition and differences of startups and businesses. Using different methods they created two completely different ideas and gave answers for all questions that help to think over all project’s details and perform your idea in the best way.