IT Startups as the main issue for meeting at industrial college

«IT Castle» team visited Kamyanets-Podilskyi industrial college to meet with first-year students of “Software engeneering” specialization.

Participants talked over success stories of Ukrainian and foreign startups. They used Facebook, Restream, Monobank, UGears and Dodo Socks examples to show the way IT can be engaged into project’s implementation. Coaches mentioned that there were 3 types of projects regarding the role of IT:

  • IT as a key component, where an idea and its implementation process are based on digital technologies;
  • IT as equivalent component, where idea is not connected to IT, but it is being implemented via technical decisions
  • IT as a service component, where ir is used just for marketing, communications and other related functions.

IT Castle’s coach Tetiana Smetaniuk and manager Anna Sira used practice and exercises to develop students’ creativity. they reviewed ways to find an idea (“stealing”, brainstorming in groups, problem solving and social intelligence), fast methods for working with idea on a startup beginning stage.

Students showed their interest to startups development issues and IT-market in Ukraine.

IT Castle is a startup-community in Kamyaets-Podilskyi, which is created to provide support for new startups development and exasting projects’ optimization. Community has meetings every two weeks which help to increase competence level of project work.