IT Castle’s team does its best every day to promote development of startups in western Ukraine. Despite of everyday challenges and tasks we are happy to meet motivated and interested people who want to be change-makers and launch their own business projects. Our startup-community invites you to the club meetings where you can explore startups theory or share your practice experience. Choose the best event for yourself!

25.09 – Introducing IT Castle

What is startup?

Why launching your business is interesting?

Let’s think over it: generating startups ideas for our city and region.

13.11 – Startups experience

Experience by Sergiy Domanitskyi – IT Castle community’s founder

3 startup cases: success, fails and reasons for both?

TOP-5 reasons for fail of a nice idea

27.11 – Project work: making out the idea

Brevity is the soul of wit: let’s formulate an idea, a goal and mission

Planning tactic and strategy

Take off your pink glasses: let’s be frank about own resourses and needs

11.12 – Marketing and relevance of ideas

Why do you have to know your competitors?

How can you be sure that your idea is nice and perspective?

Write down and strike out: no pity for ideas to succeed

18.12 – Stories for inspiration: success cronicles of startups famous and not

Success that inspirates

TOP-reasons for success

TOP-reasons for fail

15.01 – Pick up your team: finding reliable people for ideas implementation

Distribute roles and responsibilities, prepare requirements for applicants

Good guy is not always a good team-member or how to detect an expert

An art of negotiations: how to launch the business and avoid hate to your partners?

29.01 – The money: financial planning and fundraising

AmbitionsVS Needs: how to plan a balanced budget

Not for money saving: protected budget items and painless financial chenges

Self-funding: it’s good but not for a long time

05.02 – Negotiations: introduce yourself and impress the investor

Stories instead of presentations: the way to tell about your project to be remembered

Standards for ideas presentation

Meeting in an elevator: selling your idea in 15 seconds

19.02 – Project’s administration: office, management, legal items

Papers and egreements: why do you have to pay attention to paper templates

Location for teamwork: when remote is ok, and how to plan a space for your team

“No time for work”: management of your project is a fuul time job and you have to effective in it

04.03 – Offline networking: big meetup for IT Castle community member

Sharing ideas and experience

Looking for partmers and team-members

Fun-time with supporters

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