10 ideas for startups in Podillya region

Where can you find a great idea for your startup or business? You can create it with your friends, see in your dreams or browse for them in Internet. We made a collection of startup ideas for you. All of them seem relevant for Podillya and other regions of Ukraine.

№1: virtual assistant

It’s fashionable to have a virtual assistant in 2019. All you need to start is a laptop and a good website. Promoting yourself in social media is not difficult too. Your have managment skills, but want to be a self-imployed person, it’s a great idea for launching a new business. Virtual assistant works remotely and completes everything that business owner or manager has a lack of time for. For example, it opens and answers e-mails, interacts with clients, invoices or pays bills. All these things are processed via cloud storage, so you can work from home and do not have to use lots of special devices.

№2: online secretary

It’s a nice service that you can provide without even living your home. Online secretary is the main assiatant of CEO or manager. To launch you business in this sphere you jast have to stay connected and be a user of some software products that help to organize information and provide it by demand.

№3: websites based on WordPress

Companies and enterpreneurs are ready to pay for creating their websites on a WordPress platform. If are patient enough to explore all the details of this platform (you can use free educational videos, for example), you could be successfull in creating websites and landing pages.

№4: blogging

Blogging is a tool for any business promotion. On the other hand, many blogs are dedicated to different hobbies. Describing your hobby or translating any interesting information, you engage the audience. If you succeed to promote your blog, it can become an effective informational platform which could involve brands and companies to cooperation. And one more populer part of blogging is vlogging (video-blogs in YouTube).

№5: travel guide

If you know a lot about your city or location and would like to share this info woth others, think over launching tourist business. Become a travel guide and get people aquainted with the neighborhood.

№6: antiques selling

Sellint antique things on special markets, stalls in trade centers or even in your own shop could be a good business idea.

№7: gardening

If you like nature and spending time in open air, launch a gardening business. This way you can do what you like and take care of business or individual clients, making their plants look great.

№8: carpentry

People need things made of wood. And becoming a carpenter you can do anything – from furniture to starling boxes. And then sell them to local companies on hand-made or flee markets.

№9: Cleaning company with mobile application

Try to run a cleaning company, but not a regular one but the one that proposes to book a cleaning in mobile app. This could safe time for clients and make easy payments.

№10: Lifehack platform for medics

Medics exchange information not only in text format, but also as video-lessons. Experienced doctors can help their young collegues be more efficient and skilled to increase professional level of medicine.